PD 6500i™ Enhanced Pinpoint Walk-Through Metal Detector

PD 6500i™ Enhanced Pinpoint Walk-Through  Metal Detector
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  1. All weather water proof, IP55 Standard . Durable with Alloy & PVC Construction.
  2. 100 sensitivity level Adjustable Flexibility: We can reach the security requirements by adjusting the flexibility. There are 100 flexibility degrees in each detective area.
  3. Adopt the advanced digital pulse technology,both side of the gate can transmit and receive the signal,can eliminate the false alarm areas and accurately determine the location of the metal objects.
  4. The digital filtering system ofDSP signal processingoffers high ability to resist electromagnetic interference,touch and impaction which makes the door can be used in the crowded areas.
  5. High capability of anti-interference: The adoption of digital, analogy and left and right balanced technology can prevent false or omitted alarming, which greatly enhance the capability of anti-interference.

Technical Parameter:
(1) meet a criterion: national standard 《 GB 15210-2003. General Specification of walk-through metal detector 》
(2) detecting process: 100 degrees of sensitivity to meet with requirements in various occasions.
(3) basic safety: meet the requirements of GB4793.
(4) personal safety: meet the requirements of NILECJ-0601.
(5) percent of pass: above 60 meantime/ minute
(6) electrical source: 90-240vAC ,50/60 Hz
(7) Power: 55W.
(8) working environment: -30℃~ 45℃, <=95%RH
(9) Overall sizes(mm): 2200 (height) x 820 (width) x 540 (depth) .
(10) size of alley(mm): 2000 (height) x 700 (width ) x 500 (depth )
(11) Weight: about 75kg.



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