ZK Software Iclock300 Employee Time and Attendance Software

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Product Description

  • Attendance Brand : Zk software / central control
  • In the control model : iClock300
  • Attendance Type : Fingerprint type
  • Authentication methods: fingerprint
  • Service: Genius

Product Description:

iClock300 U disk support function upload and download attendance record , is specifically targeted at the needs of enterprises and institutions use remote offline fingerprint attendance and design. Using a user-friendly interface design style, full graphical interface, more intuitive and friendly people inter-machine interaction. 3.5 -inch TFT color screen , 60005 thousand color high color resolution of 320X240, sophisticated processing technology, so you have a wide field of vision. Built-in Linux operating system, Europe's leading specialized technology, the machine can be long-term efficient operation. Fingerprint attendance machine through RS232, RS485, TCP / IP communication with the computer , you can use more than one network ; recognition rate, to solve special populations problem of poor quality fingerprints , suitable for 100-500 people in attendance management .



Product Features:


  • ZKFinger VX9.0/10.0 high-speed twin-engine recognition algorithm in system reliability, accuracy, identification speed has improved significantly , within 2 seconds can handle 3,000 evenly distributed quality fingerprints fingerprints ;

          Built strong U.S. Intel32 bit embedded fingerprint identification module (ZEM510), it is easy to integrate with various systems ;

  • Based on embedded development system (EDK) is a versatile product line fingerprint generic embedded Linux development platform that can meet most of fingerprint-based embedded market demand ;
  • Added fingerprint enhancement module , to enhance the quality of fingerprint recognition ;
  • Support RF card device input and output can be configured ID card, m1 card attendance a variety of ways ;
  • Sleep mode function , software controlled shutdown, set the start time ;
  • Optical collector \"enhanced membrane\", improve image quality, accepts dry, wet fingers, support finger 360 degree identification , easy to use with good performance ;
  • motherboard design for a long time 24 hours continuous operation ;
  • With voltage monitoring, programmable watchdog timer function ;
  • Client without any additional direct use EDK board microcontroller easily tailored to meet the needs of industrial customers , enhance competitiveness ;




                         Fingerprint capacity


                         Recording capacity



In the control latest high-speed twin-engine fingerprint identification algorithm

                        Hardware platform


                         Operating system



          RS232, RS485, TCP / IP, USB Device, USB Host

                          Attendance rate

                                 \u003c = 2 seconds

                           False positives

                               \u003c = 0.0001%

                            Rejection rate

                               \u003c = 0.01%


                                    Red, green


     3.5 inch 60005 thousand color high-definition color screen


             New HD no film in the control fingerprint scanner


                        32M ( supports USB2.0 protocol )


                                           0 ° -45 °

                       The use of humidity

                                        20% - 80%

                       Language Selection

                                    Simplified Chinese


                                       190 * 140 * 46



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